Hannah Weinstein

NameHannah Weinstein Member of The HundredOther namesnée DornerBirth and death1911 - 1984Occupation(s)Filmaker, Journalist, Political ActivistProfession detailsAmerican Journalist, Publicist.Related place(s)Nettlefold Studio, Walton-on-ThamesAuthor Alistair Grant

Hannah Weinstein [née Dorner] (1911-1984) American journalist, publicist and left-wing political activist who fled to England as a refugee from the McCarthy anti-communist witch-hunt. She became a TV producer and was best known for producing The Adventures of Robin Hood series in the 1950s. To write the series Weinstein hired many American writers who had been blacklisted by the McCarthy Communist hearings. She established her own production company at Walton, called Sapphire Films. In 1982, she received the 'Women in Film Life Achievement Award'.

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