Adelaide Kemble

Adelaide Kemble
Other names
Married name Sartoris
Birth and death
1815 - 1879
Profession details
Singer, author
Related place
Alistair Grant

Adelaide Kemble [married name Sartoris], (1815-1879), singer and author. She was six years younger than her only sister, Fanny. She studied music with John Braham, and sang professionally for the first time in 1835. She sang at La Scala in 1838, and at La Fenice in the same year. She was extremely well received, and went on to perform to great acclaim in other Italian cities, until her father's illness forced her return to England in 1841. She married Edward John Sartoris (1814-1888) in 1842, and the demands of marriage into his wealthy family prevented further professional appearances, although she continued to sing privately. However, she began writing, and published 'A Week in a French Country House' (1867), Medusa and other Tales appeared (1868), which was republished as Past Hours (1880). She was an enormously gifted singer at a time when continental performers dominated opera.

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