Albert Peter Anthony Profumo

Albert Peter Anthony Profumo (Fourth Baron Profumo of Kingdom of Sardinia)
Birth and death
1879 - 1940
Profession details
Related place
Georgina Caulfield

Albert Peter Anthony Profumo, fourth Baron Profumo of Kingdom of Sardinia (1879-1940) was a prominent barrister. His family made their fortune in insurance, and he inherited a majority share of Provident Life. His son, the politician John Profumo, succeeded him as Baron. Whilst Secretary of State for War John Profumo's adulterous affair with the glamorous demimondaine Christine Keeler became a famous political scandal, which provoked the resignation of the Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in 1963. His Times obituary of 10th March 2006 describes his denial of the affair as: "... one of the most barefaced lies ever uttered in the Commons..." He claimed in Parliament that there was "no impropriety whatsoever" in his relationship with her. The Times goes on to report "Later in the afternoon, Profumo and his wife joined the Queen Mother at Sandown Park Races: respectable and triumphant." Albert Profumo is buried in Hersham.

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