Alexander William Kinglake

Alexander William Kinglake
Birth and death
1809 - 1891
Profession details
Historian, Travel writer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Alexander William Kinglake, (1809-1891), historian and travel writer, was a close friend, and regular visitor to the Duff Gordons. Janet Ross describes his 'marvellous mixture of pride, of humility, of daring and intense shyness'. In 1844 he published 'Eothen' an account of his 1834-5 travels through southeastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire. (Janet Duff Gordon named the pony she was given when she moved to Esher 'Eothen'!) His crowning achievement was the eight-volume 'The Invasion of the Crimea', published between 1863 and 1887.

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