Anna Maria Porter

Anna Maria Porter
Birth and death
1778 - 1832
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

Anna Maria Porter (1778-1832), novelist, sister of Jane Porter. Aged thirteen, Anna wrote a series of short stories, which were published as Artless tales in 1793, 'by Anna Maria Porter, ornamented with a frontispiece, designed by her brother, R. K. Porter'. A second volume, subtitled 'Romantic effusions of the heart', was published in 1795. Within two years, she had completed two novels, Walsh Colville (1797) and Octavia (1798). Following the success of her sister's novel 'Thaddeus of Warsaw' in 1803, Anna was inspired to write the historical novel 'The Hungarian Brothers' at Long Ditton in 1807. It was soon translated into French, and went through several English editions until she died in 1832.

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