Arthur Wellesley

Arthur Wellesley (First Duke of Wellington)
Birth and death
1769 - 1852
Profession details
Prime Minister 1828-1830
Related place
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By the time of his visit to Claremont on September 3rd 1841, Wellington was a minister without portfolio in the Peel government that had just trounced Melbourne's Whigs at the General Election. Their visit to Claremont was to receive their seals of office from a twenty-two year old Queen Victoria. The seals were first surrendered by the defeated Whigs and then distributed to the victorious Conservatives. According to a court circular that appeared in regional newspapers in the days after the election, the council broke up 'at a quarter past two o'clock' while 'the Duke of Wellington left Claremont at half past two o'clock' for a return back up to London.

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