Barnes Neville Wallis

Member of The Hundred

Barnes Neville Wallis (Sir)
Birth and death
1887 - 1979
Profession details
Aeronautical designer, Engineer
Related place
Alistair Grant and Joanna Tapp
Neville Barnes Wallis

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Wallis always regretted not serving in World War One. He was unable to join the RAF because he worked in a 'vital industry' - aeronautical engineering.

In 1928 Wallis was appointed Chief Designer of Vickers aeroplane design team at Weybridge. His 'Wellington Bomber' was a key plane in World War Two.

Wallis' famous development were 'the bouncing bombs', dropped by 617 Squadron on 17th May 1943. These were designed to bounce along the water, to avoid torpedo nets. The aim was to destroy the industrial heart of Germany. The first trials were held on Burwood Park Lake. Elmbridge resident R. C. Sherriff wrote the screenplay for 'The Dam Busters' (1955), the popular film depicting these events.

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