Carlo Marochetti

Carlo Marochetti (Baron)
Birth and death
1805 - 1867
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

Carlo Marochetti was a sculptor from Piedmont, who inherited his title of Baron in the nobility of Sardinia from his father. He studied in Paris and Rome before settling in England after the Revolution in Paris of 1848, at the same time as his former patron, the recently deposed French King Louis-Philippe. It was largely due to the close links between the French and English royal families at Claremont that Marochetti soon became one of the favourite sculptors of the Queen and Prince Albert. The esteem he was held in is evident in correspondence, and the Queen recorded in her journal that she found the artist 'very agreeable, pleasant and gentlemanlike'. After Albert's sudden death in 1861, Marochetti was commissioned to carve a marble effigy for the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore. He also carved a likeness of the Queen, which was added alongside Albert on the monument after her death forty years later. Marochetti's privileged position created great resentment among British-born sculptors, especially when in 1856, when he received a major public commission for the memorial monument at Scutari to the Crimean dead without a preliminary public competition.

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