Catherine Barton

Catherine Barton
Other names
Married name : Conduitt
Birth and death
1776 - 1739
Related place
Alistair Grant

Catherine Barton [married name Conduitt] (c.1776-1739). Shortly after he settled in London in May 1696, Newton's niece, Catherine Barton, moved in with him, and remained his constant companion. In 1717, her husband, John Conduitt, and later their daughter also lived with him. She became the mistress of Charles Montagu, who was Newton's close friend and patron. The relationship was whispered gossip until Voltaire learnt of it, and broadcast it to the world. In 1706 Halifax wrote a codicil to his will leaving Catherine £3000 and all his jewels 'as a small token of the great Love and Affection I have long had for her'. Seven years later a second codicil replacing the first, bequeathed £5000, as well as the rangership and lodge of Bushey Park, and Manor of Apscourt. Flamsteed valued the house and lands at £20,000, which with the additional £5000 made her a wealthy woman.

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