Catherine Fletcher

Catherine Fletcher (Lady)
Other names
née Lintot
Birth and death
1733 - 1816
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

Catherine Fletcher [née Lintot], Lady Fletcher (1733-1816, printer. Her grandfather was (Barnaby) Bernard Lintot [Lintott], (1675-1736). She inherited his printing and bookselling business on her father, Henry Lintot's death in 1758, and sold the important literary estate in 1759-60. Lintot had been one of the most important booksellers of the early 18th century, publishing plays by Dryden and Congreve, and the poems of Pope and Gay. Catherine Fletcher sold to Samuel Richardson, but following his death in 1761 she rejoined the business with his widow, Elizabeth, selling a year later. In 1768 she married Sir Henry Fletcher, bringing with her a fortune of £45,000 to Ashley Park. They had a son and daughter. Lady Fletcher died on 17 October 1816 at Ashley Park. There is a monument to her and her husband in the church at Walton-on-Thames.

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