Charles Montagu

Charles Montagu (First Earl of Halifax)
Birth and death
1661 - 1715
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

Charles Montagu, first Earl of Halifax (1661-1715), politician. Montagu was a major politician, particularly on financial matters, for twenty-five years after the revolution of 1688 under William and Mary. As Chancellor of the Exchequer, he founded the Bank of England in 1694. William Congreve, Richard Steele, and Joseph Addison were his protégés, and he was a member of the famed Kit-Kat Club. His influence waned under Queen Anne, but he was one of the regents appointed by George I to govern until his arrival in England. In September 1714 he joined the Privy Council, and his office of auditor of the exchequer was granted to his nephew, George. He bought Sandon and Apscourt in December 1715 when he was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Surrey. But he died in May 1715 of an inflammation of the lungs. He left Sandon and Apscourt (Apps Court) to his mistress, Catherine Barton, who was the niece of Sir Isaac Newton.

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