Charlotte Boyle-Walsingham

Charlotte Boyle-Walsingham (Twenty first Baroness de Ros)
Other names
Charlotte Fitzgerald-de Ros
Birth and death
1769 - 1831
Profession details
Twenty first Baroness de Ros
Related place
Alistair Grant

Charlotte Fitzgerald-de Ros, Twenty first Baroness de Ros [born Charlotte Boyle-Walsingham] (1769-1831). Born in Castlemartyr, Cork, Ireland she spent most of her childhood with her parents at Boyle Farm. Her mother, Charlotte Williams, was the 2nd daughter of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams and Frances Coningsby, and bought Boyle Farm in 1784 from Lord Hertford, who was still grieving over the death of his wife at the house two years earlier. Charlotte Boyle married Lord Henry Fitzgerald in 1791, and made many improvements to Boyle Farm. In 1806 she successfully established a claim to the Barony de Roos (the spelling was altered to 'de Ros' in 1838), and became 'suo jure' twenty first Baroness adding the surname 'de Roos' to that of Fitzgerald. She was a close friend of Horace Walpole.

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