Dick Kitcat

Dick Kitcat
Other names
Real name Richard Doyle
Birth and death
1824 - 1883
Profession details
Illustrator, Watercolour painter
Related place
Alistair Grant

Richard Doyle [pseud. Dick Kitcat] (1824-1883), illustrator and watercolour painter. Doyle became a household name from the 1840s onwards. From 1843-1850 he contributed to Punch, where he raised the pictorial content of the magazine, and designed the famous cover, in use with only minor changes for over a century. He is credited with the innovative page layouts dividing lines of type with a large illustration. His popular series of illustrations 'Manners and Customs of ye Englishe' impressed the young Pre-Raphaelites and Thackeray as well as the general public. But his masterpiece was published in 1869. An album of fairy pictures with verses by William Allingham (added after the drawings were made), called 'In Fairyland'. It was printed in colour by Edmund Evans, and is one of the greatest books of the 19th century both for its illustrations and production.

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