Dick [Richard] Turpin

Dick [Richard] Turpin
Birth and death
1705 - 1739
Profession details
Highwayman, Butcher, Poacher, Housebreaker
Related place
Alistair Grant

Richard [Dick] Turpin (bap. 1705, d. 1739) highwayman. Having begun life as a butcher turned deer poacher, and then housebreaker, Turpin took up highway robbery with Thomas Rowden. He allegedly worked roads on the rural outskirts of London south of the Thames between 1734 and 1736. The Cottage, now on Burhill golf course, was reputed to be his hideout, as was 'Highwayman's Cottage' in Oxshott, built in 1548. Most of Turpin's activities were in Nottinghamshire, so it is unlikely, but with the Portsmouth Road nearby it was feasibly used by:
Tom Waters (hanged 1691)
Captain Evan Evans (hanged 1708)
William Hawke (hanged 1774)
Jerry Abershaw [Lewis Jeremiah Avershaw] (1773-1795).

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