Dudley Carleton

Member of The Hundred

Dudley Carleton (Viscount Dorchester)
Birth and death
1574 - 1632
Profession details
Diplomat, Letter writer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Dudley Carleton, Viscount Dorchester (1574-1632), diplomat and letter writer. After having been ambassador to Venice and then the Dutch republic, he was appointed Secretary of State in 1628. Carleton became a valued foreign policy adviser to Charles 1st and the Duke of Buckingham. He was a connoisseur of antiquities and Venetian painting and knew Rubens, and made art acquisitions for Charles abroad. He was created Viscount Dorchester in July 1628. Buckingham was assassinated en route to a peace conference arranged by Dorchester who lost his patron. He died of a fever in February 1632 leaving Sandown to his nephew. Sandown then passed to the Gore family until 1715. Dorchester's most lasting legacy is his prolific correspondence in the Public Record Office, including 30 years of letters to his friend John Chamberlain. He was grandfather to Sir John Vanbrugh.

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