Edward George Warris Hulton

Edward George Warris Hulton
Birth and death
1906 - 1988
Profession details
Magazine Publisher, Writer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Edward George Warris Hulton, (1906-1988), magazine publisher and writer. The son of Edward Hulton he lived as a child at Downside. Aged thirty he inherited control of his father's fortune and founded the Hulton Press in 1937, buying Farmers' Weekly. The group grew to include a variety of magazines, and his children's magazines, notably Eagle and Girl, became highly successful through innovative content and design. But the weekly publication that made Hulton's name was Picture Post, which he launched on 1st October 1938. Picture Post created a style of photojournalism with striking pictures, graphic design and typography, good writing and a progressive editing. Picture Post was hugely popular and profitable, with sales reaching nearly 1.5 million in the 1940s. The Hulton Picture Library of photographs taken for Picture Post was founded in 1947.

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