Elizabeth Wellesley

Elizabeth Wellesley (Dowager Duchess of Wellington)
Other names
née Lady Elizabeth Hay
Birth and death
1820 - 1904
Related places
Alistair Grant

Elizabeth Wellesley Dowager Duchess of Wellington (1820 - 1904) [nee Lady Elizabeth Hay] daughter of the eighth Marquis of Tweesdale. She married Lt.-General Arthur Richard Wellesley, son of the Duke of Wellington. After her husband died in 1884 she leased 'Burhill' from Guinness until August 1904. Known as 'the patroness of Hersham' she had an aura of royalty and was an intimate friend of the Duchess of Albany at Claremont. She served as Mistress of the Robes to Queen Victoria under Palmerston, Russell, Derby, and Disraeli.

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