Edward, Pamela and Henry FitzGerald family

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Edward, Pamela and Henry FitzGerald family
Birth and death
1761 - 1831
Profession details
Army officer, Exile, Actor
Related place
Alistair Grant

Lord Edward FitzGerald, (1763-1798) Irish nationalist and army officer, visited his brother Henry at Boyle Farm during the early 1790s when he was part of the circle of radicals in England gathered around Thomas Paine. At this time he had an affair with the musician Elizabeth Linley (1754-1792), the wife of the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. She died on 28th June 1792 of consumption shortly after giving birth to FitzGerald's daughter, Mary, who died in infancy in the care of Sheridan. In 1792 his radical views led him to follow Paine to France where he met and married 'Pamela' Anne Caroline Stéphanie Sims (1776?-1831). He was shot and arrested on 19th May 1798 as the figurehead behind the Irish rebellion that broke out on 24th May. He died of his untreated wounds in prison on 4th June.

Lady Edward 'Pamela' FitzGerald ; née Stephanie Caroline Anne Syms.(1776?-1831) Born Anne Caroline Stéphanie Sims, she was the illegitimate daughter of Louis-Philippe Joseph, Duc d'Orléans (1747-1793), cousin of Louis XVI of France, and his mistress, (Caroline) Stéphanie Félicité Brulart, Comtesse de Genlis (née Du Crest; 1746-1830). 'Pamela' was briefly engaged to Sheridan but married the Lord Edward FitzGerald. After the failed Irish uprising she was forced to flee Ireland. Estranged from FitzGerald's family, who blamed his radicalism on her, she lived in exile in Hamburg and later Paris. She was buried at Montmartre, but in 1880 her grandchildren bought her remains to Thames Ditton Church.

Lord Henry FitzGerald (1761-1829) amateur actor, fourth son of twenty-two children of James FitzGerald, twentieth Earl of Kildare, first Duke of Leinster. Older brother of Edward FitzGerald the Irish nationalist. Married Charlotte Boyle-Walsingham and became Baron de Ros. He was perhaps also lover to Caroline Amelia of Brunswick, Princess of Wales.

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