Francis Wrangham

Francis Wrangham
Birth and death
1769 - 1842
Profession details
Writer, Clergyman
Related place
Alistair Grant

Francis Wrangham, (1769-1842), writer and clergyman. Wrangham was a prolific writer, translator, and editor. He wrote epigrams; prospectuses; poetry in English, French, and Latin; drama; sermons; political and didactic pamphlets; history; theology, and biography. His first book of poems, written in 1795, but not published until 1802, contained a translation of one of Wrangham's Latin poems by Coleridge, and one of his French poems by Wordsworth. Wordsworth sent Wrangham some imitations of Juvenal in November 1795, but their collaborative book of satirical poems was never finished. Wrangham's greatest passion was book collecting. In a letter to Wordsworth of 15th February 1819 he estimated his library to contain fourteen thousand volumes, and about as many Tracts, most of them rare editions.

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