George Julius Poulett Scrope

George Julius Poulett Scrope
Other names
Formerly George Julius Thomson
Birth and death
1797 - 1876
Profession details
Geologist, Political economist
Related place
Alistair Grant

George Julius Poulett Scrope, [formerly George Julius Thomson] (1797-1876), geologist and political economist. His two major treatises on geological time 'Considerations on Volcanos' (1825), and 'Geology of Central France' (1827) were widely translated in Europe, and in 1867 he received the Wollaston medal, the Geological Society's highest award. After his wife died in 1866, Scrope moved to Fairlawn in Cobham, and married the twenty-six year-old Margaret Elizabeth Savage. He died at Fairlawn on 19th January 1876 and was buried at Stoke d'Abernon.

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