George Fergusson Wilson

George Fergusson Wilson
Birth and death
1822 - 1902
Profession details
Industrial Chemist
Related place
Alistair Grant

George Fergusson Wilson (1822-1902), Industrial Chemist. The founder of Price's Candles. He started a brokering business trading with Russia, which was extremely profitable. One of Russia's principal exports was tallow, and so in 1830 he bought the patent granted to James Soames in 1829 for the processing of coconut oil into a solid fat substitute for tallow in candle manufacture, and oil-burning lamps. Not wishing to use his own name, he called the venture E. Price & Co. (supposedly after his business partner's aunt who was not connected with the business in any way!) They built a factory at Battersea, and by 1840 their 'composite' candles, made from tallow and coconut fats on plaited wicks were hugely successful. In his later life he lived at 'Gishurst Cottage', Weybridge, and then 'Heatherbank' on Weybridge Heath.

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