Henry William Bunbury

Henry William Bunbury
Birth and death
1750 - 1811
Profession details
Artist, Caricaturist
Related place
Alistair Grant

Henry William Bunbury, (1750-1811), artist and caricaturist. Bunbury was made groom of the bedchamber to the Duke of York, second son of George III, in 1787. While he was in the Duke's service, Bunbury lived at Weybridge when the Duke took up residence at nearby Oatlands Park. Hugely popular in his day because of his social status as a 'gentleman' artist, and because his burlesque style was less offensive (and accomplished) than Gillray or Rowlandson. His reputation declined after his death, but became more widely appreciated again recently, among print collectors and historians, for his gentle, diverse and illuminating portrayal of mid- to late Georgian society.

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