Henry William FitzGerald-de Ros

Henry William FitzGerald-de Ros (Twenty-second Baron de Ros.)
Birth and death
1793 - 1839
Related place
Alistair Grant

Henry William FitzGerald-de Ros, twenty-second Baron de Ros (1793-1839) son of Henry FitzGerald and Charlotte FitzGerald-de Ros. Upon the death of his mother he inherited the Barony de Ros, the oldest surviving barony in the peerage of England. He was involved in a famous gambling scandal in 1836, when he was accused of cheating at cards at Graham's Club by the trick of 'sauter la coupe' - marking the cards with his thumbnail. He sued his accusers for libel but lost. He died not long afterwards, and was memorialised by Theodore Hook with the epitaph: "Here lies the premier Baron of England, patiently awaiting the last trump."

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