Henry VIII

Member of The Hundred

Henry VIII (King of England and Ireland)
Birth and death
1491 - 1547
Related place
Alistair Grant

Henry VIII acquired Oatlands Manor in Weybridge in 1537. His motives were two-fold. First was the position. Henry was creating a vast hunting ground called 'The Honour of Hampton Court'. Oatlands Manor formed a convenient resting station at one end, with Hampton Court in the middle and Nonsuch Palace at the other extreme.

The second reason was that Henry wanted a new palace for his new Queen. He had agreed to marry Anne of Cleves, after seeing a flattering portrait of her by Hans Holbein. However their marriage was short-lived as Henry failed to find her attractive in the flesh. The King soon moved on to the 'bon-air and buxom' Catherine Howard. They were married in the chapel at Oatlands Palace on 28 July 1540.

Under Henry, the manor house was transformed into a palace. A new entrance range and tall prospect tower were added, amongst other structures. Towards the end of his life the King had a special 'riding way' built. This was a ramp, allowing Henry to ride straight into his privy lodgings at the end of a long hunt - saving the increasingly large and infirm Henry a long walk.

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