Hugh Montague Trenchard

Member of The Hundred

Hugh Montague Trenchard (First Viscount Trenchard)
Birth and death
1873 - 1956
Profession details
Air Force Officer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Hugh Montague Trenchard, first Viscount Trenchard (1873-1956) Air Force Officer. Lived in 'Kings House' near the tenth hole at Burhill. In 1912 he spent seventy-five pounds on flying lessons at the Sopwith School, Brooklands. After only two weeks tuition, and sixty-four minutes in the air, the Royal Aero Club granted him pilot's certificate no. 270 on 31st July 1912. During the First World War he became head of the Royal Flying Corps. Trenchard is regarded as the father of the R.A.F. General Sir Douglas Haig, commander of British forces on the Western Front, declared in 1922 that the First World War had produced only two new things of importance: "Barbed wire and Trenchard".

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