Humphrey Lynde

Member of The Hundred

Humphrey Lynde
Birth and death
1579 - 1636
Profession details
Politician and Religious Figure
Related place
Alistair Grant and Jonathan Seal

Lynde, who was knighted by James I in 1613, either inherited or purchased land in Cobham around the turn of the 1620's. It is here where he situated his country home and also became a J.P. and Commissioner in the Shire. His Protestant views saw him move in circles with the Earls of Lincoln and Warwick, and he became a big contributor on the debate raging in the English Church on whether the Roman Church was true or not. Lynde attacked Roman Catholicism for deviating from the faith and practice of the early church. He argued that making articles such as the papal supremacy an essential part of the Roman faith, was contrary to scripture and early church history. He died at Cobham on 8th June 1636, and is buried in the chancel of the parish church.

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