Jacob Tonson [the elder]

Jacob Tonson [the elder]
Birth and death
1655 - 1736
Profession details
Bookseller, Publisher
Related place
Alistair Grant

Jacob Tonson [the elder] (1655/6-1736), bookseller and publisher. In 1700 Tonson founded The Kit-Cat Club and became its secretary. The meetings were initially held at a mutton-pie shop in Shire Lane run by Christopher Cat[ling]. They may have begun as literary suppers given by Tonson. About 1703 Tonson bought a house at Barn Elms, and built a room there for the club. Pelham and Tonson became friends and he had his own room at Claremont; the Duke had Kneller include the Belvedere in his Kit Cat portrait (NPG). The Club may have met at Claremont.

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