James II

James II (King of England, Scotland, and Ireland)
Birth and death
1633 - 1701
Related place
Alistair Grant

James II and seventh King of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1633-1701). The Catholic Duke of York acquired Portmore Park from the Duchess of Norfolk in 1688 as a residence for his mistress Catherine Sedley. Following the 'Glorious Revolution' James abdicated the throne to William and Mary on 11th December 1688. He escaped from his Dutch guards, and supposedly spent his last night in England at Portmore Park, before fleeing to France on 23rd December. His overthrow was socially and politically disastrous for Catholics. They lost the right to vote, or sit in Parliament for more than a century afterwards. They were also denied commissions in the army, and the monarch was forbidden to be Catholic or marry a Catholic, ensuring a Protestant succession.

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