Jock [John Steel] Lewes

Jock [John Steel] Lewes
Birth and death
1913 - 1941
Profession details
Army Officer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Jock [John Steel] Lewes, (1913-1941), army officer, a co-founder of the Special Air Service (SAS). Lewes was billeted at Sandown with the Welsh Guards, where he was appointed training officer for the regiment. Lewes was painted there by his fellow officer, the painter Rex Whistler, with a Bren gun on his knees, on the steps of the grandstand. In October 1940 Lewes was posted with the 8th commandos, where he conceived of using small groups of parachutists on strategically disruptive raids behind enemy lines. Sir (Archibald) David Stirling persuaded him to join him in forming a new parachute unit, based upon the techniques Lewes had formulated, which became the SAS. On 31st December 1941, Jock Lewes was fatally wounded during an low-flying Messerschmitt attack.

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