John Conduitt

John Conduitt
Birth and death
1688 - 1737
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

John Conduitt, (1688-1737), politician. On 26th August 1717 he married Catherine Barton, the niece of Sir Isaac Newton, and reputedly the mistress of Charles Montagu, Earl of Halifax, who had left her Apscourt (Apps Court). As a politician Conduitt was a loyal supporter of Walpole. He fulfilled the role of Master of the Royal Mint on behalf of Newton, and succeeded him on his death on 20th March 1727. Conduitt also collected a wealth of biographical material on Newton after he died. As master of the mint Conduitt wrote the influential 'Observations on the Present State of our Gold and Silver Coins' in 1730, although it was not published until 1774, which advocated the use of silver for coinage.

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