John Sholto Douglas

John Sholto Douglas (Ninth Marquess of Queensberry.)
Birth and death
1844 - 1900
Profession details
Sportsman, Controversialist
Related place
Alistair Grant

John Sholto Douglas, ninth Marquess of Queensberry (1844-1900), sportsman and controversialist. Queensberry was dissolute, profligate, often violent, promiscuous, adulterous and abusive of his family. The Times obituary of 1st February 1900, labelled him as 'a type of aristocracy... associated in the public mind with a life of idleness and indulgence'. He is most famous for goading Oscar Wilde into an ill-advised libel action against him by depicting him 'posing as a sodomite' on a calling card. The formerly reviled Queensberry's acquittal of libel bought him brief public acclaim, and publicly confirmed Wilde's homosexual relationship with Queensbury's son, Alfred Douglas, which was a criminal offence. Wilde was prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned and Queensberry acclaimed. As a rider he rode his last winner at Sandown Park in 1883.

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