John Ellis McTaggart

John Ellis McTaggart
Birth and death
1866 - 1925
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

John Ellis McTaggart (1866-1925), philosopher. Attended preparatory school in Weybridge (from which he was allegedly removed for announcing that he did not believe in God. his first book, Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic (1896), followed in 1901 by Studies in Hegelian Cosmology. In 1910, he published Commentary on Hegel's 'Logic'. He was a precursor of the non-metaphysical interpretations of Hegel now prevalent among many Hegelians. In his later years, he developed his own system of constructive metaphysics in The Nature of Existence, the first volume in 1921; the second was published posthumously in 1927. "His thesis of the unreality of time continued to attract debate in the decades after his death and is perhaps the most enduring part of his philosophy." (ODNB)

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