John Tufton

John Tufton
Birth and death
1773 - 1799
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

John Tufton (1773 -1799) noted English cricketer of the 1790s. Tufton played in sixty-three major matches until August 1798. He died aged only twenty-five, probably of tuberculosis. Tufton was the first player ever to be recorded as being given out leg before wicket, which happened in a match at Moulsey Hurst in August 1795, when Tufton played for England versus Surrey. The bowler was John Wells. Haygarth says: "In this match, 'leg before wicket' is found scored for the first time". At first, when any one was got out in this way, it was marked down as simply bowled, and the leg before wicket omitted.

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