Lady Byron

Lady Byron (Baroness Wentworth)
Other names
Anne Isabella [Annabella] Noel; née Milbanke
Birth and death
1792 - 1860
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

Anne Isabella [Annabella] Noel [née Milbanke], suo jure Baroness Wentworth and Lady Byron (1792-1860) philanthropist and wife of the poet Lord Byron. She lived at Moore Place in Esher from 1841 to 1852. Having met Byron in 1812, the year he became famous, she rejected his first marriage proposal, but accepted his second proposal in 1814, and married him on 2nd January 1815. On honeymoon Byron received a love letter from his half-sister Augusta Leigh, which he showed to his wife, saying he had married her to revenge her previous refusal. Persistent rumours about Byron and his incestuous affair with his half-sister, prevalent before his marriage, resurfaced and they were ostracised from society. Byron left England on 25th April 1816 and never returned. He died helping in the Greek War of Independence in 1824.

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