Lewin Fitzhamon

Lewin Fitzhamon
Birth and death
1869 - 1961
Profession details
Actor, Director
Related place
Alistair Grant

Lewin Fitzhamon (1869-1961) director and actor, his most famous film was the hugely popular 'Rescued by Rover' (1905), a film whose classic cinematic narrative has made it the most enduring and familiar of Fitzhamon's films. He produced comic films (That Fatal Sneeze, 1907), nightmarish fantasies (The Man and his Bottle, 1908), social comedies (What the Curate Really Did, 1905), westerns (The Squatter's Daughter, 1906), melodramas (Falsely Accused, 1905), and chase films (A New Hat for Nothing, 1910), as well as filming actualities and topicals. He developed comic series for Hepworth, including the Poorlucks, and the anarchic 'Tilly' series with Chrissie White and Alma Taylor, and pioneered political films in Britain in 1905-6 with the Pictorial Politics Association.

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