Lionel Smith Beale

Lionel Smith Beale
Birth and death
1828 - 1906
Profession details
Physician, Microscopist
Related place
Alistair Grant

Lionel Smith Beale (1828-1906), physician, and microscopist. Beale was a key figure in the development and diffusion of medical laboratory techniques in Britain from the 1850s and was a leading London physician for half a century. He researched and wrote prolifically on microscopy, histology, and chemical pathology. His publications include: On some Points of the Anatomy of the Liver of Man and Vertebrate Animals (1856), On Urine, Urinary Deposits and Calculi, their Microscopical and Chemical Examination (1861, 1863, 1869, and 1885). He edited the journal Archives of Medicine from 1857 to 1870. His laid out his ideas on disease and germs in a series of Radcliffe lectures at Oxford in 1868-9, and published in two books in 1870: Disease Germs, their Supposed Nature and Disease Germs, their Real Nature, an Original Investigation. Both were reissued in one volume in 1872, Disease Germs, their Nature and Origin. In the same year, he published Bioplasm, an Introduction to the Study of Physiology and Medicine. His last major work on clinical medicine appeared in 1880, entitled On Slight Ailments, their Nature and Treatment. An enthusiastic gardener, he had a country home at Weybridge.

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