Margaret Gillies

Margaret Gillies
Birth and death
1803 - 1887
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

Margaret Gillies (1803-1887), painter. In the 1830s, she became an associated part of the set which formed around William Johnson Fox, editor of the Monthly Repository, whose members included Robert Browning, Leigh Hunt, John Stuart Mill, Harriet Taylor, and William Macready. By the late 1830s, a relationship developed between Margaret Gillies and Southwood Smith (who had separated from his second wife). As a portraitist, she painted many famous artists, writers, intellectuals, and social reformers -- including William Johnson Fox, Harriet Martineau, Southwood Smith, Jeremy Bentham, Leigh Hunt, Richard Henry Horne, Charles Dickens, and William Wordsworth. Many are now in the National Portrait Gallery and other major collections. From 1854 until the death of Southwood Smith in 1861, the Gillies sisters and Smith lived at The Pines in Weybridge. After Smith's death, Gillies travelled widely in Britain and Europe.

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