Marie of Edinburgh

Marie of Edinburgh (Queen of Romania, Consort of King Ferdinand of Romania.)
Other names
Marie Alexandra Victoria
Birth and death
1875 - 1938
Related place
Alistair Grant

Marie [Alexandra Victoria] of Romania [known as Marie of Edinburgh] (1875-1938) Queen of Romania. Marie was the eldest daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and Grand Duchess Alexandrovna of Russia, and granddaughter of Victoria and Albert. Married Crown Prince Ferdinand, later King Ferdinand I of Romania and became Queen Consort. The marriage was unhappy and historians agree that her long-time lover, Barbu Stirbey, probably fathered three out of six of her children: Prince Mircea; Princess Ileana, and Princess Maria [the future Queen of Yugoslavia, known as Mignon]. Randolph Churchill, who was at Sandroyd boarding school near Cobham, recorded a visit Marie paid to the school when she was visiting her sister Beatrice at The Homewood, and accompanied by Mr. Hornby [the Headmaster], she inspected the boys at Sandroyd: "She naturally embraced her three nephews, the Princes Alvaro, Alonza and Atalfo: she also embraced me. I was flattered but surprised and supposed that she had done this because I was the son of a famous man .... What made us giggle very much was when she embraced Rattigan, which could not have been due to consanguinity or to the fame of his parents, but was purely a testimonial to his personal charm and good looks."

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