Martin Eric Dunbar-Nasmith

Member of The Hundred

Martin Eric Dunbar-Nasmith (Sir)
Birth and death
1883 - 1965
Profession details
Pioneering submariner, Naval officer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Sir Martin Eric Dunbar-Nasmith (1883-1965), pioneering submariner and naval officer. Joining the Royal Navy, Nasmith showed an early interest in submarines, and was given command of submarine A4 in 1905. He went on to command other early submarines, and at the outbreak of war in 1914 he took command of submarine E11 and patrolled the North Sea, and in 1915 the Eastern Mediterranean in support of the invasion of Gallipoli, where he sank over 57,000 tons of enemy shipping. For this he was awarded the Victoria Cross. He was promoted Admiral in 1936, and made Commander-in-Chief of Plymouth in 1938. At the outbreak of the second world war he was made Commander-in-Chief of western approaches, covering all of the Atlantic approaches. His family lived at Clevehurst, Weybridge, where he grew up.

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