Matilda Charlotte Houstoun

Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
Other names
née Jesse; other married name Fraser
Birth and death
1815 - 1892
Profession details
Novelist, Writer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Matilda Charlotte Houstoun [née Jesse; other married name Fraser], (1815-1892) novelist and travel writer, daughter to Edward Jesse. As a young girl, she lived in Molesey. Initially a travel writer, Houstoun published around twenty novels between 1862 and 1891, often about the perilous life of single women, such as 'Recommended to Mercy', and 'Records of a Stormy Life' (1888), which is a semi-autobiographical novel about girl who marries a colonel, and falls into loneliness and anxiety. Her later books are strong social protests at the way that the criminal courts and prisons treated women. In 1889, Houstoun wrote 'Only a Woman's Life; by One who Saved It', which details the life of Francis Stallard, a woman tried for infanticide in 1877.

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