Robert and [Thomas] Malcolm McAlpine family

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Robert and [Thomas] Malcolm McAlpine family (Sir)
Birth and death
1847 - 1967
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Sir William McAlpine & Alistair Grant

Sir Robert McAlpine, first Baronet (1847-1934). The founder of one of the UK's leading building and civil engineering contractors. The war memorial at the top of the south slope on Oxshott Heath was erected, after some controversy, by Sir Robert McAlpine, who was then a resident of Fairmile Court. He moved to Knott Park, in Oxshott in 1916, and died there on 3rd November 1934.

Thomas Malcolm McAlpine was the third son of Robert McAlpine. At the age of just 19 he was very nearly killed on the construction of the West Highland Railway.

He went into the family business - the UK's leading building and civil engineering contractors. In 1905 he opened an office in London, and was then joined by his father and brothers Robert William and Alfred from Scotland in 1916.

In 1917 McAlpine bought Fairmile Court in Cobham.

McAlpine was involved in the construction of Wembley Stadium and Exhibition, and also conceived the idea of the Dorchester Hotel.

Perhaps his most distinguished public contract was designing the concrete breakwaters built by McAlpines for the Mulberry Harbours used in the D-day landings in France in 1944. He chaired the Contractors Committee for the construction of the project.

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