Mutt [Joseph] Summers

Mutt [Joseph] Summers
Birth and death
1903 - 1954
Profession details
Test Pilot
Related place
Alistair Grant

Joseph ['Mutt'] Summers (1903/4-1954), test pilot. In 1929, he was appointed chief test pilot at Vickers in Weybridge. In June 1935, he made the maiden flight of the Vickers Wellesley bomber, the first of Barnes Wallis's geodetic structures. Later that month he also flew the prototype of the famous Wellington. On 6th March 1936, with his assistant, Jeffrey Quill, flew from Martlesham to Eastleigh on the first flight of K5054, which became the Spitfire. After the war he tested the first pure-jet civil aircraft, the Nene-Viking, in April 1948, and the first civil turboprop airliner, the Vickers Viscount, in July 1948. In May 1951 he made the maiden flight of a four-jet V-bomber, the prototype Vickers Valiant.

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