Peter Proud

Peter Proud
Other names
née Ralph Priestman Proud
Birth and death
1913 - 1989
Profession details
Art Director
Related place
Alistair Grant

Peter Proud [born Ralph Priestman Proud] (1913-1989), Art Director. Proud began as assistant art director under Alfred Hitchcock at Elstree on 'Murder!' and 'Rich and Strange'. In 1932 he joined Gaumont, where he co-art directed Hitchcock's 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'. In 1934 he joined Warner Brothers as a full art director, working on Michael Powell's 'Something Always Happens'. He became head of the art dept. at Teddington Studios where he was famed for making the sets of 'quota quickies' look as if they had lavish budgets. During the Second World War he designed camouflage, and is credited with inventing battle camouflage for concealed entrenchment. At the siege of Tobruk he famously 'hid' a number of ships in the harbour. In the 1950s he moved into TV where he pioneered a system of set designs based on interchangeable modules, notably on 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' from 1955-1957 at Nettlefold Studios.

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