Philip Bennet Joubert de la Ferté

Philip Bennet Joubert de la Ferté (Sir)
Birth and death
1887 - 1965
Profession details
Air Force Officer
Related place
Alistair Grant

Sir Philip Bennet Joubert de la Ferté (1887-1965), air force officer. His parents took a house at Weybridge, adjacent to Brooklands racetrack, which soon afterwards became an aerodrome. In 1912, Joubert set began learnt to fly at his own expense. He was soon granted Royal Aero Club certificate no. 280. He commanded various squadrons in the first world war. At the outbreak of the second world war, he was made assistant chief of air staff with special responsibility for the practical application of radar in the RAF. Much of the success of the radar was due to his realisation early on of its enormous value, for defence and attack. He also made regular, popular radio broadcasts on the air war. In June 1941, he was promoted to air chief marshal with responsibility for Coastal Command.

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