Prince Frederick, Prince of Wales

Prince Frederick, Prince of Wales (Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Edinburgh, Marquess of the Isle of Ely, Earl of Eltham, Viscount Launceston, Baron Snowdown.)
Birth and death
1707 - 1751
Related place
Jonathan Seal

Frederick was a member of the House of Hanover and later the British Royal Family. At his birth he was fourth in line to the English throne. His association with West Molesey actually stems from his great patronage of cricket. Perhaps as a way of 'anglicising' himself upon his arrival to England in 1727, Frederick soon became enthused by the game. What started with a penchant for betting on the game led to an interest in playing and later forming his own team on several occasions. H. T. Waghorn tells of how Frederick gave a guinea to each player in a Surrey vs. Middlesex game at Moulsey Hurst in 1733. Later on that summer it is told that he presented a silver cup to a Surrey and Middlesex team that had just beaten Kent. This is claimed as the first instance in cricket history where a trophy (other than hard cash) had been contested.

Debates over the death of the Prince of Wales have also centred on his love of cricket. A burst abscess in his lung, the considered cause of death, has widely been attributed to an old sporting injury where he was struck a blow by a cricket ball, perhaps whilst playing at Molesey Hurst, some eighteen months prior to his death.

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