Robert Smyth

Robert Smyth (Sir)
Birth and death
1744 - 1802
Related place
Alistair Grant

Sir Robert Smyth, fifth Baronet (1744-1802) patron of the arts and radical, Smyth was an ardent supporter of the French Revolution and according to Thomas Paine 'lik[ing] neither the government nor the climate of England' he left Hurst House in West Molesey and settled in Paris in 1791. He established a bank in the Rue Cerutti now Rue Lafitte, and became a 'very intimate friend' of Thomas Paine. At the famous dinner at White's Hotel on 18th November 1792, Smyth and Lord Edward Fitzgerald toasted 'The speedy abolition of all hereditary titles and feudal distinctions', which was misreported in the London press as a renunciation of their titles. Hurst House on New Road was demolished in 1900.

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