Sam [Elfyn John] Richards

Sam [Elfyn John] Richards
Birth and death
1915 - 1995
Profession details
Aircraft Designer
Related place
John Matts

Sam [Elfyn John] Richards (1915 - 1995) aircraft designer, began his professional career in 1938 at the Bristol Aeroplane Company, then moved to the National Physical Laboratory where he was in charge of aerofoil research, before joining the Weybridge aircraft manufacturer Vickers-Armstrong where in 1945 he was appointed Chief Aerodynamicist by George Edwards. Responsible for the aerodynamic design of the Viking, Viscount and Valiant aircraft he developed an interest in aircraft noise that led him to become a world authority on noise acoustics. In 1950 he became professor of Aeronautical Engineering at Southampton University. Later, as Professor of Applied Acoustics, he set up the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in 1963. In 1967 he became the first Vice-Chancellor of the newly created University of Loughborough.

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