Thomas Lynch

Thomas Lynch
Birth and death
Died 1864
Profession details
Colonial Governor
Related places
Alistair Grant

Sir Thomas Lynch (d. 1684), Colonial Governor. Lynch served as Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica between 1671 and 1674 and between 1682 and 1684. Lynch promoted planting (sugar and cacao) over buccaneering, by attempting to persuade privateers into planting with grants of thirty-five acres to give up their way of life. In 1671 (or maybe late 1670) he married Vere Herbert at Weybridge and Lynch by 1680 had acquired Esher Episcopi Manor. By the time of his second tenure as Governor, buccaneering was declining as sugar planting began to prosper. The great Tulip tree still standing at Esher Place was planted by Lynch's daughter in memory of her father after his death in 1684.

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