Thomas Wolsey

Member of The Hundred

Thomas Wolsey (Cardinal)
Birth and death
1471 - 1530
Profession details
Cardinal, Statesman
Related place
Alistair Grant

Thomas Wolsey (c.1471 - 1530), Cardinal and Statesman. He became Chief Advisor to Henry VIII, and by 1514 effectively led all matters of state and church. He became Lord Chancellor and Archbishop of York, and in 1515 was made Cardinal giving him precedence over the Archbishop of Canterbury. Having begun building Hampton Court in 1514, Wolsey's first association with Esher Place was in 1519 when Bishop Foxe loaned it to him. After ousting Foxe from his Bishopric he began to improve Esher from 1528, perhaps when he realised Henry would oust him from Hampton Court. Wolsey retained royal favour until Henry decided to end his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. Wolsey's failure to secure an annulment caused his downfall in 1529. Initially Wolsey was banished by Henry to Esher Manor, where he fell gravely ill during the winter months of 1529, before traveling to Yorkshire where he was arrested and accused of treason. He died on 29th November 1530 returning to London.

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