Girls (Alma Taylor and Chrissie White) Tilly

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Girls (Alma Taylor and Chrissie White) Tilly
Other names
Alma Taylor and Chrissie White
Birth and death
1895 - 1989
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant
Alma Taylor

© Courtesy of Elmbridge Museum

Alma Taylor (1895-1974) an actress who spent virtually her entire silent career, beginning in 1907, with producer Cecil Hepworth, co-starring with Chrissie White in the 'Tilly Girl' series from 1910-1915, as well as in seventy-five or more short films. In 1924, The Daily News named her as Britain's top star along with Betty Balfour.

Chrissie White

© Elmbridge Museum

Chrissie White [née Ada White] (1895 - 1989) actress, co-star with Alma Taylor of the 'Tilly Girl' series from 1910-1915.

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